Open & Brazen Treason

It’s a fine line between being dumber than a fucking sack of rocks and being an outright traitor, handing over critical intelligence information to an enemy state either because they’re blackmailing you or you’re in deep, deep debt to them. Today we found out that Der Trumpencritter is not just dancing along that fine line, but he’s waltzing along it like a drunken Dancing With The Stars contestant, more than happy to take our entire government and society over the edge with him when he stumbles.

When Trump invited two Russian “diplomats” (i.e., intelligence operatives  – pies, to you and me) into the White House Oval Office last week, with only the Russian press allowed in, we were all horrified. The common sense norms and practices derived from hundreds of years of hard-earned experience were being shredded and tossed aside like confetti. Yet all we heard from Fox News and the toadies surrounding Trump was how it wasn’t a big deal and we should all get over it.

We were stupid enough to think that the Russians would use the opportunity to plant listening devices in the Oval Office. What were we thinking?

Today we found out that, because Trump loves nothing more than to show off and boast, and because he hates nothing more than thinking or paying attention to someone who might be smarter than him (which means pretty much everyone in the room brighter than a dead cockroach), the Russians didn’t have to lift a finger to actually try to bug the Oval Office. They simply played Trump like a fiddle and got him to voluntarily GIVE THEM critical intelligence.

This was information so sensitive that we didn’t even share it with most of our allies. Because of the nature of the intelligence, the information itself could be used to derive how it was obtained, and from whom. This made the information almost infinitely top secret and confidential. Again, we weren’t allowed by the agencies that got the information to even share it with most of our own friends.

Yet. Trump. Voluntarily. Gave. It. To. Russian. Spies.





People will die because of this. Absolutely critical channels of intelligence information from within ISIS will have already ceased to be, either because the agents and agencies gathering that information will have immediately been disbanded and fled for their lives, or because they didn’t get any warning and were killed.

The foreign government and agencies who developed these intelligence operations and sources? They will never share information with us again. We can go to hell, we’re now their enemies.

All of the members of our intelligence communities who risk their lives to gather information critical to keeping the United States safe? They’ve just been betrayed at a level almost indescribably far beyond their worst nightmares. By the ignorance, ego, and just plain old-fashioned fucking stupidity of their “Commander In Chief.”

We’re now more blind, more ignorant, more clueless, and far, FAR more in danger than we were last Friday. Because the man we have in the Oval Office is a traitor, a criminal, and one evil motherfucker who is doing everything he can to destroy this country.

He needs to be impeached immediately.

He needs to be removed from office by whatever means are available.

He needs to be in jail for the rest of his life for the damage he’s done to this country in the last three-plus months.

While we’ve still got a country to try to save.

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