When Will The GOP Congress Do Its Job?

When will the GOP Congress do its job?

When will the GOP Congress do its job?

When will the GOP Congress do its job?

The framers of the Constitution feared EXACTLY this type of problem, a tyrant, a executive out of control or being bribed or for whatever reason putting his personal wealth and well-being above that of the country’s. That’s why they put the impeachment provisions in.

Checks and balances. Get a wackadoodle or evil or insane or senile President (or one who’s all of the above, in our case) and the Congress can remove him.

Except this Congress is doing **NOTHING**. We can’t even get them to say anything bad about Trump. The only one who’s actually criticizing is McCain and he’s seriously ill with terminal brain cancer.

McConnell? He’s complicit, cooperating, worked for a year before Obama left office, even before Trump got nominated or got into the race, to delay and steal the Supreme Court seat that Obama should have filled.

Ryan? A spineless wimp who won’t say a bad word about Trump even while outright, open, textbook treason is being committed on national television.

So, the other GOP members of Congress will step up and speak out, right? They’ll put pressure on McConnell and Ryan and Trump, right?



Keep repeating it until we get some sort of an answer that makes even a minimal amount of sense.

When will the GOP Congress do its job?

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