Time Out

One can’t wallow in bile 24/7/365. It appears one can SPEW bile 24/7/365, but Congress has been showing us that for years before the current mess.

A little exercise and recreation will be a welcome break from the stupidity. Try to not blow up civilization and planet while I’m gone.


Brain Trust

Speaking of a whole room full of brain-dead morons:

My money says that any of those plants outside the window have IQ’s an order of magnitude higher than everyone in this photo combined. I’ll guarantee that those plants have more culture, class, and humanity than any of them.

Also, if you ever thought that “A Clean Desk Is The Sign Of A Sick Mind” was just a bumper sticker slogan – here’s your proof.

“Nobody’s Got To Use The Internet”

And they say that these guys are out of touch with reality! Really?


Anyone else want to bet that he has aides who have to retrieve his email and print documents for him and show him how to take pictures with his phone?

What planet are these people from?

This Is Not Poker

We found out today that SCROTUS and his evil minions and sycophants were bluffing last week when they loudly announced that they were sending an air craft carrier task group toward North Korea as a show of strength.

The clowns in the Trump Regime do understand that these are real aircraft carriers, real planes, real pilots, real sailors, real Marines, real nuclear weapons, and real insane dictators they’re dealing with, don’t they?

They do understand that if they fuck up, several millions real citizens of both this country and our allies could end up really dead?

They do understand that they’re really fucking up?

They do understand that this isn’t a video game that they’re playing in the middle of the night on the couch in the basement of their mom’s house, “fighting” against other pathetic nerds around the globe on the couches of their respective basements in their respective mom’s houses? They do understand that there’s no “save” or “restart” button on reality?

They’ve heard of reality, at least in passing?

Just Because You’re Paranoid – April 17th

I try not to be too jumpy and I don’t get involved with oogaty-boogaty conspiracy theories. However, when you keep seeing one “coincidence” after another that always seem to benefit one side, and it’s the side that celebrates evil and hatred and intolerance, then I think you have to reconsider.

It’s an incredibly tight race in the Georgia special election, a US House seat that’s been held by a Republican since dirt was young. Yet this Democrat is way ahead in the polls, mainly because even in Georgia folks are stepping back, looking at The Trumpencritter, and saying to themselves, “What the fuck??!!”

So the night before the election, voting machines get stolen, which could be used to figure out how to hack the machines, to generate false results, to not count certain ballots, and so on.

Not that anyone in our current administration would… Oh, who the hell am I trying to fool? These bottom feeding douchebags would sell out their own mother for another second in power and another day sucking at the corporate bribery teat.

As I learned at a young age, “Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get you.”

Keep a close eye on the Georgia 8th tomorrow, folks.

We Should Be Grateful!

Always trying to see the good, to flip a bad situation on its head and find the silver lining, I was trying to figure out how to spin SCROTUS’s latest demonstration of narcissistic ignorance:

It’s been a “quiet” weekend, if only because SCROTUS has been playing golf in Florida at our expense AGAIN, all the while his idiotic rhetoric and mindless spewing of bullshit on Twitter has worked toward triggering a nuclear exchange with North Korea.

Meanwhile, back in the pile of scandals, outrageous acts, and outright felonies that he’s accumulated so fast that we barely can remember some of the earlier ones, there were massive protests across the country as people protested the fact that Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns, despite (or more likely, because) the fact that they may contain the smoking gun that shows just how deeply indebted he is to the Russians, how much he’s skimming off of his Presidency for his own profit, and what blackmail material the Russians have on him.

At this point we’re not even surprised that the self-centered, cowardly, petulant piece of shit that we’ve elected to the White House is so insular and ignorant that he can’t even understand why everyone doesn’t idolize him. He can only conceive of someone objecting to him and his actions if they are paid to do so.

This constant barrage of outrageous behavior and ignorance on Trump’s part, along with the actively evil actions being undertaken under his protection by his family, Bannon, Ryan, McConnell, his entire Cabinet full of billionaires, it all threatens to just numb us to remember just how non-normal and horrifyingly dangerous it all is.

If Trump would just shut up for a few days, we would be so grateful for the respite that we might stop thinking about how badly he’s fucking us over and how dangerous he is to the very existence of our democracy.

Since he NEVER shuts up, we should be grateful for tweets like this one. As annoying as they are, and as numbing as the constant barrage from them is, they do serve to keep causing us pain, and that keeps us from ever forgetting what a total cluster fuck this whole situation is.

These days you have to find gratitude where you can.

Rational Discussion

The whole concept of a free exchange of ideas depends on the assumption that everyone is playing by the same rules, and playing with the same deck of 52.

If I argue that 2+8=10 and someone else argues that 6+4=10 while a third party argues that 4+6=10, then we have the basis for a disagreement on our beliefs, and possibly an opportunity to expand our understanding of this thing we call “reality.”

But if I’m arguing that 2+8=10 and you’re arguing that 7+13=84,219 then we have a problem. Especially if five minutes later you’re arguing that 7+13=-88.

Thus our current conundrum.

If we both believe that education is a good thing, something to be supported by our society, then I can believe we should increase funding by 5% and you can think that we should decrease it by 2%. We can lay our our reasons for our positions and we can reach some compromise.

If I think that school funding should increase by 5% and you think that school funding should be slashed by half, school music and arts education eliminated completely, and if you’re too poor to go to a private school that’s Ivy League prep, then tough shit for you… Then it’s hard to compromise.

If I think that health care should be a right and available to everyone in society, from the Koch Brothers down to the most recent immigrant (legal or otherwise), and you think that everyone who can’t afford health insurance at twice what it costs now should just go ahead and die and stop bothering you… Then it’s hard to compromise.

If I think our military budget is just fine as it is, especially since we already spend more than the next dozen countries in the world combined, and you think that we need a trillion dollar increase (mot of it going to line your own pockets, or the pockets of you evil sychophatns) while truly not giving a flying fuck whose life it utterly destroys… Then it’s hard to compromise.

The pendulum has swung this far to the right, where there’s no need to stay in the closet if you’re ignorant, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, uneducated, or simply filled to overflowing with hatred and fear.

We need to get it back to the left and keep it there. Fuck MAGA. For America to be great in the future we need to remember what made us great, and it wasn’t sealing our borders, inciting nuclear armageddon because SCROTUS had his wittle itty bitty feelings hurt, or letting a significant percentage of our population die from fully preventable diseases.

That may have been where we were at times in our past history – but we weren’t nearly as great then as we are now. Nor as great as we will be if we remember what we were and why we were that way.