If CNN Wants Video Of White House Press Conferences…

The increasingly irrational and authoritarian regime of SCROTUS Trump has ended the traditional daily White House press conferences, and when they do bother to have one, they’ve now forbidden there to be audio or video recording or broadcasting.

Can’t make this shit up.

CNN “protested” this yesterday by sending in their courtroom artist to do sketches of the press conference. No doubt they they thought this was cute.

Some have asked why they don’t record and broadcast the press conference anyway and let the White House physically force them to turn off the cameras and to physically expel them from the grounds – then sue on First Amendment grounds all the way to the Supreme Court. Maybe NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, London Times, and all of the other members of the legitimate journalistic media could join the protest. (Who’s missing from that list, and why, is left as an exercise to the reader.)

Nah, that will never happen. That requirement for integrity and courage always kills those sorts of deals.

So, if we want video and audio of the White House press conference, I suggest that CNN ask the Russian government for their recordings.

Still Here

I’ve not gone away, just working on several simultaneous deadlines from Hell and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I figure anyone who’s relying on this site as a primary source of outrage really, really needs to get a Twitter account…

I’ll be back to bitch and whine as time becomes available, but with what little time I can spare to write, I’ll stay focused on my original site where my established audience is a bit larger.

You can go over there tonight and see pictures from the TrailCam on my roof where a pair of raccoons were making baby raccoons. I know they were successful because there’s a whole freakin’ crowd of raccoons up on my roof every night!

Watching a pair of fucking raccoons (see what I did there?) has got to be better for the psyche than listening to one more outraged old phart screaming about SCROTUS and his army of evil orc minions, does’t it?

A Show Of Hands, Please?

The overlord of hype, bombast, and bullshit, his SCROTUSness himself, says that he’s perfectly willing to testify under oath to refute those horrible, nasty, evil things being said about him.

The assumption his Cluelessness makes is that we’ll all believe without question that anything and everything he says under oath will be 100% the truth.

Given that he’s a pathological liar who seems to be incapable of even determining the difference between the truth and lies, given that he’s shown blatant disregard for even the pretense of honoring the office of the Presidency, the law, or the Constitution, given that he appears to be so delusional that he might actually believe the blatant, bald-faced bullshit that spews from his face…

…given all of that, who among us believes that he will tell the absolute truth, even under oath at a Congressional hearing, even with the consequences of his lies at that point being impeachment and jail time?

A quick show of hands?



Anyone at all?


I’ve Been Busier Than God Today…

At least three major time-suck missions from god all converging at once with deadlines from Hell, so I haven’t had much of a chance today to go online at all or check the news or Twitter or any social media.

I did notice that SCROTUS hasn’t sent out any tweets in over twenty-four hours, which I think actually is a first since he got into the game well over a year ago. He’s okay, right?

Did something happen today?

25,000 Tweets

A Key Difference Between Nixon & Trump

I’ve just had a most horrible thought. Which, of course, I would like to share with y’all.

The latest poll numbers out tonight show that Trump’s approval ratings continue to fall and are now only five points higher than Nixon’s were at the point where he resigned.

As the observant reader would note (which possibly assumes that I have at least two readers, which might not be verifiable), I’m not expecting Trump to resign. I’m expecting him to hold on to the bitter end, get impeached and probably accused of outright treason, probably forcing a Constitutional crisis unprecedented in United States history, and then either actually destroying the United States as a political entity or ending up for the rest of his life in jail.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say he takes his marbles and goes home. Quits. Resigns.

Remember what Nixon did when he resigned? He took refuge at his estate in San Clemency down by San Diego and wallowed in depression and misery for a while. Okay, later on he did the interviews with David Frost (because he was dead broke and needed the money) and he wrote a bunch of books (which no one ever forced me to read by dint of a large caliber firearm being held at my temple) so for the most part he was a non-entity if you weren’t going out of your way to see or hear him.

When Trump resigns?

We’re going to be listening to that loudmouth, fatuous, bloviated gas bag spew his bullshit EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. DAY. FOR. THE. REST. OF. HIS. PATHETIC. MISERABLE. FUCKING. LIFE.

And you know, you just KNOW, with social media and the current news media what it is, every single word of it will be front page news. FOREVER.

Ignorance, hatred, and stupidity. The gifts that just keep on giving.