It Couldn’t Happen Here

Of course not! Never! You would have to be nuts to suggest it!

I’m not a conspiracy theory sort of guy. Never have been. Read that first “What I Believe” post. We landed on the moon, Oswald was the lone gunman, there are no black helicopters, etc.

But here’s the scariest thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

Lost for the most part in all of the furor about the Executive Order that banned entry from seven countries, even for people with legal visas, even for people with legal green cards, even for US citizens with dual citizenship, is the fact that tonight there are still people being detained, despite multiple Federal courts yesterday ordering them to be released.

And there have been at least three incidents that I’ve seen documented where US Congressmen and local District Attorneys have gone to the airport to demand the enforcement of the injunctions and to meet with those being held – and they have been denied. In every case, not only were they not able to get the detainees released, but they were not able to talk directly to any senior Customs & Border Patrol (CBP) officials, they were not able to find out how many people were being held, and they were not able to find out the names of those being held.

Federal court injunctions from the Judicial Branch.

Congressmen from the Legislative Branch.

They are both being ignored by a department of the Executive Branch. An armed department of the Executive Branch.

It’s Day Nine of the Trump Administration and these could be the first warning signs that we’re teetering on the brink of the worst Constitutional crisis since the Civil War 150 years ago.

Radical! Insane! Hysterical! Over the top!

Yep, I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe I’m writing this shit. I also can’t believe that there are people debating whether or not to order Federal Marshals to go into the airports to enforce the lawful and Constitutional orders of the Judicial and Legislative branches of our government. Because it doesn’t take a Tom Clancy novel to see how fast that could get industrial-strength ugly.

Look at all of the other things in the Medium article I cited.

The fact that Trump has declared his Presidency for 2020 already, which allows him to collect tons of money (thanks, Citizens United!) unchecked. This is completely unprecedented.

The fact that Trump now has his own, personal, security force protecting him (working “in parallel” with the Secret Service they say), as well as his own, personal, intelligence service. This is completely unprecedented.

The fact that Trump fired every US ambassador to every country in the world and hasn’t yet even nominated or appointed a single one to replace them. And now we hear that the mass resignation of the majority of senior State Department staff last week wasn’t a protest, it was a purge.

I know. Radical! Insane! Hysterical!

It’s late. I’m tired, it’s been a long week, next week is going to be longer. I’ve probably been reading way, way too many Dan Brown novels. It’s about 99.99999% certain that all of this is nothing and I’m totally full of shit. Trump’s a bigot, an asshole, a cancer on the spleen of humanity, and Bannon is worse, but that’s it.

No one in the world hopes more that ten years from now we’ll look back on this post (I won’t delete it, I promise) and all be wondering, “Paul, what the fuck was in the water that night?”

Then why do I wonder whether we’ll be able to look back on this post and be wondering that in a month? Or next weekend?

Damn, I sure hope that I’m as full of shit and useless paranoia as I want to be right now.

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