Define “Lame Duck” For Me

So now that the Trumpencritter has named his nominee to the Supreme Court, let’s review recent GOP logic on this topic.

When President Obama nominated Merrick Garland, the GOP claimed that he shouldn’t or couldn’t do that because at the time he was a “lame duck” in office. In their view (which is insane, unconstitutional, and psychotic) it would only be “fair” for him to wait and let the next President nominate someone once he (or she) had a full four-years ahead of them.

That’s so fucking stupid that I don’t even know where to start. Aside from the obvious issues with, you know, the way the Constitution is actually written, there’s also a fairly good sized body of precedent for Presidents, both Democrats and Republicans, being “lame ducks” but getting past that and doing their job.

Logic, the Constitution, and the kind of moral and ethical standards that we would expect from any first grader aside, the GOP chose to simply ignore Merrick Garland’s nomination. They didn’t vote against him – they refused to even hold a single hearing. They pretended he didn’t exist.

Just like they keep pretending that the Constitution doesn’t exist when it doesn’t suit them.

So here we are now and the Trumpencritter has nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill that seat that’s been empty for ten months because of the GOP’s disgusting and cowardly tactics.

Just so that we can decide if the Democrats should pull the same stunt now that THAT precedent has been set, what are the specifics for a President being a “lame duck”?

The GOP said that President Obama had less than a year to go, so he was a “lame duck.” And the GOP is just chock-a-block full of really good Bible-thumping folk, so they’re all firm believers in a kind and beneficent God. Although I would note (it’s relevant) that He’s something of a smiting sort of Dude, prone to throw plagues and bolts of lightning about when peeved.

So the Trumpencritter is one of the most useless excuses for a human being ever, and he’s just out there sinning like there’s no tomorrow. How long does he have before God puts him in the middle of a flood, a cloud of ravenous locusts, or the kind of lightning storm previously seen only in planet-sized hurricanes on Jupiter?

I’m thinking it’s well less than a year. So doesn’t that make the Trumpencritter a “lame duck” as well?

Vengeful God + the Trumpencritter = less than a year before ZAAAAPPPP!

Ergo, the Democrats should be just fine preventing Gorsuch from ever getting to the Supreme Court. Isn’t that truly what God and Mitch McConnell must want, given their clear-cut track record?

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