Pure and simple, that’s what the entire GOP “leadership” has become. Or maybe they were always that way and we’re just noticing it more these days.

Despite having the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court (any day now), and 33 of the 50 state Governors, these invertebrate excuses for semi-sentient life (the vast majority of which are white males) are terrified of:

…the Muslim terrorist horror from abroad – while ignoring the fact that the biggest mass killings in America are done by white males. They’re so fucking scared of this that they’ll lock up 5-year old kids, grandmothers, and patients coming into the US for life-saving surgery.

…the NRA, because if they actually point out that the biggest mass killings in America are done with assault weapons and firearms in the hands of mentally ill people, the NRA will slap them upside the head, pull their bribes campaign donations, and work to get their properly ass-kissing opponents elected instead.

…Skittles, apparently – didn’t one of the Trumpencritter’s spawn go off on a psychotic (plagiarized) rant about this during the campaign?

…their constituents, who are now showing up in droves at “town meetings” which are supposed to be love fests of conservative hate mongering, but instead are turning into mobs who what to know what in hell these clowns are doing and why. This would explain why so many of these buffoons are bailing out of their own town meetings, being rushed out by security for their own protection, or just cancelling them altogether.

…anyone in the press who might actually ask a question and insist on getting an actual answer instead of simply swallowing their bullshit party line without question. (See “town meetings,” above.)

…Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, or Bubba the Wonder Ventriloquist (who’s currently appearing at the House Of Giggles in Sheboygan).

…women, particularly Elizabeth Warren. The thought of a woman reading a letter which criticizes a old, white, bigoted, racist colleague of theirs had them formally silencing another colleague of theirs on live television tonight.

Just as a side note out of curiosity – if Sessions had been reading something from the KKK Grand Dragon criticizing Warren, would McConnell have been just as fast to silence him? 

Yeah, just what I thought, too.

If Trump, Brannon, McConnell, Sessions, Ryan, and all of the other fanatical fascists in Washington were half as scared of Judgement Day from their omnipotent and righteous God as their Bible says they should be, this country would be in a lot better shape. Which, since it seems to be the only thing on the planet that they’re not terrified of, tells you exactly what kind of Christians they are.

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