Trump’s Tax Returns

While we’re busy celebrating the 9th Circuit Court’s decision to give the Trumpencritter a lesson in checks and balances (didn’t they show “Schoolhouse Rock” in that fancy, private boarding school?), let’s not forget that we still haven’t seen Trump’s tax returns.

It’s not old news. It’s a festering wound. It may very well also be a smoking gun.

Trump is the only major party Presidential candidate in decades to not release his tax returns. He said it was because he was being audited. That’s a lie on two levels – he wasn’t being audited and even if he was there would be no reason he couldn’t release the returns.

So despite all of the demands, His AssHoliness has stonewalled and refused to release anything.

Hey, he’s never had to do anything in his life that he didn’t want to do, why should he start now?

We’re long past the point where it’s become as obvious as day following night that he’s got something to hide in there, and given all of the information that the press has put together from other sources, it’s quite possibly monstrously huge.

Key would be to know how much he and his companies owe the Russians. It’s no secret that after multiple bankruptcies and a reputation of not honoring his deals or paying his contractors, there’s not a US bank that would touch him with a ten-foot pole. There is evidence that the Russian oligarchs stepped in a few years back and propped up his “empire,” possibly to the tune of over $600,000,000.

Wouldn’t YOU want to know if your President owed $600M to the Russian banks which were being controlled by Putin? Wouldn’t YOU think there was a good chance that a conflict of interest existed there? Wouldn’t YOU think that would be an impeachable offense, especially since Trump has repeatedly denied it?

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the IRS, there’s some low-paid contractor or staff person who has access to those files.

Whoever you are, it’s time to become the greatest patriot since Abraham Lincoln. Turn over that rock and let us all get a good look at the cesspool that Trump should have shown to us eight months ago.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I pledge $500 right here, right now to the legal defense fund of whoever steps up and pushes that button.

It’s hero time.

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