Golfing Again?

The hypocrisy is so thick that you could cut it with a knife when you see that The Trumpencritter is off in Florida playing golf again this weekend, the second in a row, less than a month into his Presidency.

Given the number of times he tweeted and complained during the Obama administration about Obama’s vacations and time on the golf course, you would think that even a self-centered egomaniac of his magnitude would be able to see the irony of him doing the same thing – an order of magnitude more often and earlier in his administration.

You would, of course, be wrong.

So this weekend, instead of being off in Florida with his wife, who apparently can’t stand to be in the same state with him, and raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally by having the Federal government pay for the use of the resort which he owns, he’s off with the Prime Minister of Japan. He’s still raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally by having the Federal government pay for the use of the resort which he owns – priorities, people! Priorities!

Let’s not forget what the number one goal of the Trump Administration is – to make Donald Trump insanely filthy rich by looting the US Treasury of every nickle he can get, either directly by making the taxpayer pay to use or guard or maintain a Trump property, or indirectly by making his billionaire buddies even more billions while fucking over the American public to pay for it.

Yes, all of this is blatantly illegal, corrupt, and for the moment something he knows that he’ll get away with because the GOP “leadership” in both the House and Senate don’t have any sign of having even 1% of the necessary courage, morals, or backbone to do anything about it.

You know what’s missing? Obama tweeting to complain about how much time Trump is spending on vacation and playing golf.

Oh, right, my bad. I forgot that Obama has more class, dignity, and morality in his toenail clippings than Trump will ever have in his entire life.

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