True Priorities

They’re stripping civil rights away as fast as they can get away with it.

They’re doing their best to crash the US and world economies in order to give themselves and their billionaire patrons control of 99.9999% of the country’s wealth instead of only 99.99%.

They’re destroying education.

They’re destroying 70 years or more of political and military alliances.

They’re making our country the laughing stock of the world.

But what’s their focus on? What was today’s exercise in leadership? What passion burned in their gut to right which wrong?

Of course, it’s the grandest of causes, that most noble of endeavours. They had to make sure that grade school and high school trans kids are forced to go to the bathroom in the “correct” one.

And, of course, it’s done in the name of God and protecting the children from perverts.

Speaking of God, what would be my idea of heaven?

How about getting a front row seat to watch these fucking hypocritical, sanctimonious, perverted assholes answer for their sins and hatred – and answer to the God that Jesus talked about, not the hate mongering boogie man that their sick, twisted, and bigoted religions use to strike fear into the helpless.

That would be a good day.

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