Cowards – February 25th

The Trumpencritter has announced (insert flourish of trumpets here) that he will not attend this year’s White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner. Well, his Twitter account announced it – the fact that the tweet in question was written in actual English without typos, grammatical errors, all caps, multiple exclamation points, or any insults or threats pretty much guarantees that he didn’t write it himself.

Yesterday the White House excluded the New York Times, CNN, Los Angeles Times, the BBC, Huffington Post, Buzfeed, and Politico from the daily press briefing because those news organizations had been saying mean things about them.

All over the country, Republican Congresscritters have been either cancelling, cutting short, or outright fleeing from their own “town hall” meetings when their constituents began berating them and demanding that they do their job.

These “patriots”? These tough guys who are going to take on ISIS and all of the other boogeymen they see under the bed? These blowhard, loud, braggadocio-filled bullies?


Craven cowards to the core, every single one of them.

They’re terrified of the millions of outraged citizens in the street, protesting every outrageous attack on the Constitution and our country’s citizens and their civil rights.

They’re terrified of the thousands showing up at the meetings they themselves called, people who are simply trying to hold them accountable for their bullshit and their actions.

They’re terrified of a handful of reporters who dare to actually act like journalists and point out that the Trump Administration is full of lying sacks of shit who couldn’t tell the truth if it bit them in the ass.

I saw this video today and thought it was hilarious on one level for being cute and showing how innocent small children can be as they discover the world around themselves – it was just as hilarious but a bit sad and bittersweet as I realized how much it reminded me of these assholes who think they’re “leaders” in our country.

Let’s give them something to really be afraid of.




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