Speech Tomorrow Night

I see that the Trumpencritter will be addressing a joint session of Congress tomorrow night.

Oh, be still my beating heart…

As the new ABC series shows us, having “borrowed” a Tom Clancy plot line and only barely filed off the serial numbers, there will no doubt be a “designated survivor” off in a bunker somewhere, just in case the unthinkable happens.

Which of the slimy swamp critters that make up the Trump Cabinet would you stick underground for the duration? If you’re Bannon, or the head of the GOP, who would you set aside as living, breathing insurance?

Not insurance as in “at least our Constitutionally blessed government will go on in a legal and approved fashion.” Insurance as in, “No one would be stupid enough to do anything rash, because as bad as Trump is, the alternative here is far, far worse”?

It’s a toss-up for me between DeVos and Sessions. Horrible and horrible-er.

What’s truly bizarre about this world we find ourselves in is that in this scenario, Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy (I know, he hasn’t been confirmed or sworn in yet, but play along) wouldn’t “get the job done” since even he on his worst day is better than Trump or Pence on their best.

Yes, that Rick Perry. The one who will be succeeding Ernest Moniz, an MIT professor of physics, who in turn succeeded Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, who in turn succeeded Samuel Bodman, another MIT guy with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Now we get Rick Perry, who in an infamous moment of a debate while running for President said he wanted to eliminate certain government departments, but couldn’t remember the name of one of them.

It was the Department of Energy that he forget.

He wanted to abolish it, yet couldn’t even remember its name. Now he’ll be the Secretary of Energy. And still a potential better President than Trump will ever be.

We are so, so very fucked.

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