Acting Presidential

While we’re being distracted by the acts of treason and perjury by multiple Administration officials, let’s not be distracted from just how low the bar is being set for this President.

After five weeks of raving like a lunatic at every opportunity, barely speaking English, lying with every breath, and that all following months on the campaign trail where he was really disgusting (pussy grabbing, anyone?) and vile (dick size comparisons, anyone?), the Trumpencritter gave a speech two nights ago to a joint session of Congress.

He’s getting rave reviews. “He’s finally started acting Presidential,” seems to be a common theme.

So, he told the truth? No, he repeated all of the same total bullshit lies that he’s been spreading for months.

He “manned up” and took responsibility for all of the horrendous things he’s already done and apologized sincerely to those whose lives he’s tried to destroy? There aren’t enough psychotropic substances in the world to make that appear to be true.

He had a grand and glorious vision for the future with detailed plans and a clearly marked road forward? No, he stuck a military widow on parade for all of the feels, lied through his teeth about how successful the mission was on which he died, and refused to take any responsibility for a hideously fucked up mission that was done just so he could say that he had ordered a military strike. At least he didn’t try to shift the blame for that fuck up off onto our military leaders – he had already taken care of that earlier in the day.

He promised to not use hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars (at a country club he owns, thus lining his pockets) to go play golf after a twenty-hour work week? Yeah, about that – no.

In order to be praised as the next Cicero he managed to read woodenly from a teleprompter without going off onto an incomprehensible rant at the drop of a hat. He managed to neither drool on himself nor shit in his pants in front of an audience of half a billion or so.


One can only assume he did it because Putin and Bannon told him to. Perhaps the Dynamic Duo reminded him of whatever’s in that closet that they’re guarding and glancing at knowingly.


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