Here’s What’s Next

As I asked yesterday, “What’s Next, Donny Baby?

You knew the answer to that wouldn’t be good, right?

As we speak, the raving lunatics, Wall Street insiders, and multiple billionaires who truly don’t give a second thought to how many people they fuck over or kill if it will get them an extra dollar, they’re all working on their next assault on 200 years of progress.

The proposed new head of the Securities and Exchange Commission is Jay Clayton, a lawyer representing Goldman Sachs who has made his entire career out of fighting and battling against the SEC, trying to bend, break, or ignore every conceivable regulation. The SEC is supposed to be the watchdog over Wall Street to prevent companies like Goldman Sachs – again, the Trumpencritter is trying to put another insider fox in charge of their particular hen house.

On behalf of the energy and oil companies that have contributed tens of millions of dollars to his campaign, on behalf of the members of his Cabinet (such as his Secretary of State, the former CEO Of Exxon-Mobil), and in complete disregard for the hundreds of millions of Americans who are fond of breathing and not getting lung cancer, Trump is going to start using Executive Orders to dismantle the “Clean Power Plan.” The fact that it will also make climate change WORSE is just the icing on the cake for these douchebags.

They’re going to ram their Supreme Court nominee down our throats, no matter how bad and despicable he might be.

They’re going to start trying to “change” and “update” the tax code. Any guesses as to who will get billions of dollars in tax cuts and who will get billions of dollars in tax increases?

Two questions, and I’m serious, to anyone reading this who actually believed Trump when he promised to “drain the swamp” and fight for the average American, the people (particularly rural, white, males) who were feeling disadvantaged by all of that stinkin’ prosperity that the Obama Administration had stuck us with:

“Did you really believe his bullshit?”

“How on Earth can you still believe his bullshit?”

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