The Monster

It’s been pointed out that a well-read person knows that “Frankenstein” was the name of the doctor, not the name of The Monster. A wise person knows that “Frankenstein” was indeed the name of the monster.

We have our own Monster roaming around, a monkey with a machine gun. There were many hands involved in creating The Monster – Putin, the GOP, the Tea Party, Faux News, the lazy mainstream media, a big chunk of the American voters…

I’m sure that each and every one of them was sure that THEY would be able to control The Monster once they were successful in seating it in the highest position of power in the world.

I wonder how many of them still think that. I wonder how many are either working themselves up to a furious boil or are recoiling in shocked horror at what they’ve done.

I wonder what Putin will do once he realizes that in his effort to influence the US elections he managed only to put a madman and his evil sycophant cronies in charge. If he thinks that it will fracture the United States and destroy our government and our society, then: a) he’s wrong, and; b) if he’s somehow right, he’ll find that the fire he starts here will sweep across the entire globe.

His country, his oligarchies, his billions of rubles won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on. His people will starve as they descend into the New Stone Age along with the rest of us as the global economy collapses. His children will die along with everyone else’s when there’s no more medical care and plagues sweep the world. All the offshore accounts and gold bullion in the world will be worthless when there’s nothing to buy.

But at least before it happens, we’ll get to see the infamous blackmail pee recording with The Monster and his prostitute golden showers.

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