Ellis Island

Over on the more civil and civilized part of my website collection, tonight I posted pictures from our visit to Ellis Island in August, 2016. Seeing the pictures again and describing what we saw there, I couldn’t help but think about what Ellis Island shows us about our past, which in turn can be seen in contrast to what our country is doing today.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve seen pictures and video of children killed by sarin gas. In the last few years we’ve seen pictures of families dying and drowning trying to escape countries in Northern Africa.

(Side note – if you think the Syrian video and photos are fake, as the current Russian propaganda machine would like you to believe, then there’s no other option other than to think that you’re too fucking stupid to have any useful purpose on the planet, so please eat shit, fuck off, die horribly and painfully, and never visit my sites again. Is there anything vague or ambiguous in that opinion or my instructions?)

The argument that opening our borders to these people is so ludicrously full of logical and factual holes that it defies belief that anyone can actually say it with a straight face. Talk to anyone who’s actually had to apply for entry into this country and see how many months of interviews, security reviews, and background checks they have to endure to get into the country. The bullshit term “extreme vetting” describes something that we’ve been doing for decades already – to imply that we’ve been slacking and now we need to really get serious is to show an astonishing level of ignorance.

So The Trumpencritter uses the Syrian gas attack as an excuse to throw nearly $100M in cruise missiles into an empty airfield, which no doubt got him all hot and bothered and convinced that he’s one powerful and important dude, but accomplished NOTHING to actually improve the situation for anyone, especially the United States.

We did it all because of the poor victims, young children, mothers, grandparents, all of whom died a horrible death – but we’re not going to let any of those survivors in because there’s a one in a billion chance that after months of vetting they might pay us back by become a terrorist.

If there’s a hell, I hope that those pushing this policy spend eternity there and know the whole time WHY they’re in hell for all of eternity. Unfortunately, I’m an atheist, so I would really like to find a way to punish these assholes here and now in this life. As much and as often as possible, so they can serve as an example to the next narrow minded, bigoted, xenophobic, racist piece of shit who wants to run for Congress.

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