We Should Be Grateful!

Always trying to see the good, to flip a bad situation on its head and find the silver lining, I was trying to figure out how to spin SCROTUS’s latest demonstration of narcissistic ignorance:

It’s been a “quiet” weekend, if only because SCROTUS has been playing golf in Florida at our expense AGAIN, all the while his idiotic rhetoric and mindless spewing of bullshit on Twitter has worked toward triggering a nuclear exchange with North Korea.

Meanwhile, back in the pile of scandals, outrageous acts, and outright felonies that he’s accumulated so fast that we barely can remember some of the earlier ones, there were massive protests across the country as people protested the fact that Trump still hasn’t released his tax returns, despite (or more likely, because) the fact that they may contain the smoking gun that shows just how deeply indebted he is to the Russians, how much he’s skimming off of his Presidency for his own profit, and what blackmail material the Russians have on him.

At this point we’re not even surprised that the self-centered, cowardly, petulant piece of shit that we’ve elected to the White House is so insular and ignorant that he can’t even understand why everyone doesn’t idolize him. He can only conceive of someone objecting to him and his actions if they are paid to do so.

This constant barrage of outrageous behavior and ignorance on Trump’s part, along with the actively evil actions being undertaken under his protection by his family, Bannon, Ryan, McConnell, his entire Cabinet full of billionaires, it all threatens to just numb us to remember just how non-normal and horrifyingly dangerous it all is.

If Trump would just shut up for a few days, we would be so grateful for the respite that we might stop thinking about how badly he’s fucking us over and how dangerous he is to the very existence of our democracy.

Since he NEVER shuts up, we should be grateful for tweets like this one. As annoying as they are, and as numbing as the constant barrage from them is, they do serve to keep causing us pain, and that keeps us from ever forgetting what a total cluster fuck this whole situation is.

These days you have to find gratitude where you can.

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