This Is Not Poker

We found out today that SCROTUS and his evil minions and sycophants were bluffing last week when they loudly announced that they were sending an air craft carrier task group toward North Korea as a show of strength.

The clowns in the Trump Regime do understand that these are real aircraft carriers, real planes, real pilots, real sailors, real Marines, real nuclear weapons, and real insane dictators they’re dealing with, don’t they?

They do understand that if they fuck up, several millions real citizens of both this country and our allies could end up really dead?

They do understand that they’re really fucking up?

They do understand that this isn’t a video game that they’re playing in the middle of the night on the couch in the basement of their mom’s house, “fighting” against other pathetic nerds around the globe on the couches of their respective basements in their respective mom’s houses? They do understand that there’s no “save” or “restart” button on reality?

They’ve heard of reality, at least in passing?

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