A Dangerous Game Of Musical Chairs For The GOP

I’m sure there are many GOP Senators and Representatives who believe in their heart of hearts that Trump is good and right and honest and the evil mainstream media is throwing up conspiracy theories and fake news stories fast and furious in order to try to smear the man’s good name.

Lets call these “The Delusionals.”

There are probably many more who know that Trump is absolutely batshit insane, yet they won’t turn on him – at least, not publicly and/or not yet. They’re cowering in fear of the big money companies who have bought their souls, terrified that without that power behind the throne and their election campaign coffers, they’ll go back to being small, impotent, little beings, fifth level junior partners somewhere without a shred of integrity left to peddle. So they toe the line.

Lets call these “The Cowards.”

There are a precious few who know that Trump is absolutely batshit insane and they’re starting to turn against him. There aren’t enough (yet) to impeach or remove Trump from office – but they’re getting there and every time SCROTUS pours gasoline on some fire, they see their own jobs being a little less secure.

Let’s call these “The Pragmatists.”

So when Trump does something incredibly and unbelievably insane, say, like handing the Russians some intelligence so top secret and restricted that we hadn’t even shared it with the Canadians or British because we didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands (i.e., ISIS), the three groups all go into free fall, shuffling and re-arranging their order so that they can gain maximum for themselves by being the one kissing the most “Presidential” asses. They all pray that if Trump survives, they’ll prosper by being the loyal one who stuck with him.

Here’s where that fails.

Trump’s not going to survive.

Being near Trump won’t be a source of protection, it will be a source of getting destroyed as collateral damage in the upcoming Next Civil War.

Think of it terms of golf. No, really, it might be one of the few ways that any of us can get through that thick, fake, orange, Bozo-the-clown shock of hair.

It’s a tournament, and we’re all trying to make the cut so we can hang on for the finals instead of going home and watching it on television. However, in this case, the ones closest to Trump will get matching orange jumpsuits, while the ones who get out in front of the problems and help to resolve them with minimal bloodshed will get passed over when the Revolution comes.

When the music stops, being in a chair won’t do any good because Trump’s at the center of all of the chairs, holding onto leashes like a puppet master. Being up on your feet and running away from Trump at top speed will define the winners.

The current GOP might want to reconsider their plan, very, very quickly.

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