Degrees Of Crazy

We’re going to be doing this a lot, I’m afraid. That’s one of the biggest problems that’s popping up with the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, and now, a full 36 hours in, with the Trump Administration.

What’s the more insane, batshit crazy thing they did today? Was it Trump telling visiting the CIA to tell them that he has a “war” with the media because, “They are among the most dishonest human beings on earth”? Or was it the Trump press secretary ranting at the White House press corps, absolutely convinced that the crowds for Trump’s inauguration yesterday were the largest in history, when any idiot who can count higher than three without using his fingers can see that’s just total bullshit? Or was it Trump telling the CIA that ISIS wouldn’t exist if we had just kept the Iraqi oil fields when we invaded the first time…but maybe we’ll get another chance?

I think the award goes to the third one, although the first two are getting the most press and being made fun of the most on social media. The memes of Sean Spicer spouting ludicrous statements from pop culture go from the hilarious:

to the incredibly sublime:

Nonetheless, let’s not ignore the President of the United States saying that we should have kept a foreign country as our occupied territory, the spoils of war, because we should have “kept the oil.” More importantly, let’s not forget that he followed that comment with a wistful and wishful hope that perhaps we’ll have another chance.

I figured it would take at least a couple of weeks before he managed to fuck up accidentally and start World War Three. I didn’t expect him to be working so hard on it on Day Two!

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