Dippin’ Dots? Really?

My favorite story of the evening concerns our pal from yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. It seems that he is just as petty as his boss, and for someone in a communications specialist’s position, he seems to be clueless about cleaning up his old online profile.

What kind of person has a five-year long feud with Dippin’ Dots?

I mean, the quotes that are coming out from a few months ago where he talked about never, EVER telling a lie as a spokesperson and how abhorrent that would be, those are “funny” enough given yesterday’s debacle. But this?

And if you think that yesterday’s rant about reality wasn’t a debacle, consider that the Dallas Stars were making jokes about it on their scoreboard last night when they announced the attendance. (1.5 million!)

Dallas. The reddest of the red cities in the reddest of the red states. And they’re making fun of this guy on Day One.


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