Somewhere There’s A Painting

Somewhere off in a deep, dark, dank corner far, far down underneath Trump Tower, there’s got to be a painting that’s looking younger and healthier by the second.


It might be surrounded by thirteen black candles and framed beside an autographed picture of Joseph Goebbels.

Meanwhile, across the country, women named Kellyanne are desperately trying to legally change their names before The Trumpencritter shuts down the courts.

This Kellyanne just babbles on and on, sounding more and more every day like a bad Dr. Seuss parody written by a badly coded AI. And the press just keeps putting her idiocy out over the airwaves, even when she’s blatantly lying. Utter bullshit, yet the networks keep giving her air time.

What if they stopped? What if we had a tyrannical regime and nobody came?


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