Pay Attention!

You’ll hear that a lot. Pay attention!

As “humorous” as it might be watching Trump melt down on a daily basis because people are still hurting his feelings and still keep using those horrible, horrible facts (Hillary won the popular vote by three million, pass it on!) to show that he’s not the greatest leader since Alexander the Great, the legion of evil bastards that he’s put in charge of various departments are already wreaking havoc.

When the Interior Department tweeted side-by-side pictures of the Mall crowds for Trump’s inauguration vs. Obama’s inauguration, someone in the Trump Administration ordered their Twitter account shut down. Someone said The Trumpencritter didn’t like so they shut down a government service that gives critical weather & road condition information to people visiting National Parks all over the country.

Day One of the Trump Administration and the White House website eliminated any and all reference to climate change. THAT will teach them! THAT will prevent it from actually happening!

All employees of the Environmental Protection Agency today were given a memo with a list of restrictions on what and how they can communicate with the public. If we can’t change those pesky facts, we’ll make damn sure that no one on the government payroll or working on a government grant is allowed to say a single word about them.

It’s horrifying to see this on Day One and Day Two and Day Three. But note that it’s getting worse by the day. On Day Three we’re looking back on the innocence of the horrors of Day One. What will it be like on Day Two Hundred?

If we don’t demand that it stop right now, we won’t even know what they’re restricting by that time.

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