It’s The Little Things

So many things about the Trumpencritter and his evil minions are disgusting and scary as hell. For one, let’s look at his total disgust and disregard for the American people.

Note, for the record, these are the same American people that he so vigorously campaigned for with pledges that he would “save us.”

What I, and most everyone else, notice is the little things. Yes, we need to be scared shitless over the daily shredding of the First Amendment, his abandonment of allies and longstanding treaties, his obsession with kowtowing to every whim of Vladimir Putin, his campaign to destroy the US economy… Ahem.

Yes, “little things.” Let’s look at a couple. There are more and more by the day, so this is hardly a definitive list.

Did you see the video of him boarding Air Force One today? Every President in my memory has always stopped at the top of the stairs and waved at the press. Trump walked up the stairs, ignored the press and everyone watching, never turned around, and marched into the plane.

The end of the world? Hardly. I see that the fifth-rate scum that make up America’s fascist press (Breitbart, et al) are going ape shit because the regular press is criticizing Trump and calling him out for ignoring this tiny time-honored tradition. But that doesn’t mean that it’s anything like a big deal in real life.

But it does show either, A) how completely ignorant and oblivious Trump is to what the Presidency involves; B) how Trump doesn’t give a shit about any of what the Presidency involves; or C) both.

Trump marches ahead, his back to us, sullen, frowning, glowering, leading the parade that only he can hear in his head. We, the American public, the American press, we’re not worth the effort to turn around and acknowledge our existence.

Just like he treats his wife.

Did you see the pictures of Melania being ignored by Trump as he arrived at the White House on his inauguration day? Trump arrived, got out of his car, and marched up the steps alone, completely ignoring Melania who was getting out of the car behind him. After greeting the Obamas, Trump went into the building by himself (leading that parade, too arrogant to even turn around…) while the Obamas put their arms around Melania and escorted her into the building.

Like Trump should have, if he had even half a gram of class, style, or manners. Like Trump should have if he had any respect whatsoever for his wife.

So whatever else, remember, while Trump may be trying to set himself up as a fascist tyrant, a dictator, and at best is already the worst President in US history, he’s also, plain and simple, a flaming asshole.

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