It’s been a long, long couple of days and it’s late, so I’ll borrow something I wrote earlier today when I was more awake.

During a break I was flipping through my Facebook feed and saw this from Amanda Palmer (who I truly love and adore and you should too):


Here’s the URL that’s linked.

In general I try to avoid reading the comments, because I can feel my brain cells committing suicide as I do so, but the first comment caught my eye:


My tolerance for stupidity, hatred, and racism was at a low point today, so I responded:

“Flaro” doesn’t sound like a Native American name, so your ancestors were refugees and immigrants. Are you planning on taking your family and going back, or are you going to wait until Trump and his evil minions throw you out of the country? At which point, you’ll be a refugee – ironic, huh? You should pray that some other country is better than the 2017 United States. You know – like it says on the Statue of Liberty, and like the US used to be before the cowards took over.

In response to someone else, our pal Cliff had decided to help educate her, because he had “facts”! They must be facts, they were right there on the internet!


Again, discretion is the better part of… Oh, to hell with it, let’s engage!

Cliff Flaro I would also like to point out that your information source has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That’s all I need to know about your argument.

At that point he said that it made him sad that I was so “intellectually bankrupt”. I knew he was really, really sad because there was also a frowny face. I couldn’t ask for clarification since he then apparently blocked me.

If he’s not careful, Cliff’s going to hurt my feelings!


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