As my days are getting (somehow) even busier, I simply have no choice but to stay off of social media and news sites during most of the day. Then when I get a few minutes in the evening I’ll browse quickly to see what the outrage de jour is.

I’m assuming if the Trumpencritter dissolves the Senate and relies on the regional Governors and fear to keep the local systems in line, someone will call and give me a heads up.

Tonight I was pleased to see this:


Mr. Locke is correct. This is NOT Trump’s America. This is an America where one pathetic, ignorant fucker is trumped by dozens and dozens of outraged and disgusted Americans who step up in an instant and do what is necessary to demonstrate that the lowest and most hate-filled among us do NOT speak for us.

It also demonstrates why New York City is quickly giving Prague a run for its money as my favorite place on Earth to visit.

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