Mar-A-Lago Miracle?

I hope the Trumpencritter and his horde of evil minions have a good time in Florida this weekend. He’s had a tough week! Poor, poor thing. He must be exhausted. His stamina must be shot to hell. He’s earned it!

I’m sure the American public won’t belittle him the $3M+ it’s going to cost to fly him there and protect him. And that’s only fair, since Trump was so fair and understanding when his predecessor was enjoying a weekend away.

So, enjoy your well earned respite from the horrors of the press and that stupid 60% (or is it up to 70% now?) of Americans who already think you’re the worst President in history.

Here’s an idea! Take some relaxing time on the beach. Practice some yoga on the beach. Lie out in the sun and soak up some rays.

Don’t worry about those thunderstorms coming up out of nowhere. They do that all of the time in Florida. It’s truly not that big of a deal. What would really be the odds of getting hit by lightning? Teensy tiny, right? Plus, those storms are probably part of the climate change that isn’t real so they’re probably not real either!

Besides, God and you are tight. Best buds! You see him as an equal – usually. Sometimes. Whatever! Semantics! He’ll keep you safe!

Just sit right there for a while. Relax. Rest.

Don’t. Move.

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