One Down!

Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser, is apparently out of a job in the White House tonight.

Not surprisingly, he’s not out because he was being paid in the past by the Russians after being cashiered by the Army. Nor is he out because he had highly irregular and unethical conversations with the Russians during the transition period after the election. Nor is he out because of a couple dozen other things that would have eliminated him in any sane Administration.

No, Trump and Pence knew about those things and either didn’t care, or considered them to be pluses on his resume.

But he apparently lied to Pence and others about those phone calls, which led Pence to defend him in the press. Now that it’s become clear that Flynn has been talking to the Russians even when he was swearing that he wasn’t, and it now Pence looks stupid for defending him, he’s gone.

It’s telling that you can test the grey areas of treason from inside the inner circle of this Regime and it’s not an issue – but make your boss look stupid (as opposed to him making himself look stupid, which only happens when he’s breathing) and your ass is grass.

That’s one down, a zillion more to go!

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