To All Of My Right-Wing Friends – February 15th

First of all, yes, I have a fair number of right-wing friends. My “bubble” is quite a bit thinner than many folks these days.

But to all of my right-wing friends, many of whom I spoke to this last weekend while trying desperately to avoid conversations about politics because I would like to remain friends, I have to ask:

Why do you keep spouting off on:

  1. “Obama would have been doing this and screwing us over for that…”
  2. “At least it’s not Hillary in there, God alone knows what sort of disaster she would have us in!”
  3. “Do you believe Bernie, still going off with that Communist bullshit of his? You lost, shut up!”

Let’s focus here. What’s going on in the White House and current Administration today – not before the election, not in the Obama Administration – TODAY, is not in any way, shape, or form related to any argument about Obama, Hillary, Bernie, or any of those other straw men you keep throwing up to avoid actually answering the questions.

History is being made every day, and while you keep wanting to celebrate and ignore facts, in a few years, or a few months, or later this week, facts that you keep calling “fake news” when you know damn well that they’re 100% true but you’re so far into denial that you can’t tell what’s real and not, those facts are going to come out, are already starting to come out, and it’s going to become clear that not only were members of the Trump Administration and staff illegally and brazenly selling their souls and this country to the Russians, but that Trump himself was in on it from the beginning.

It’s called “treason,” folks.

So history’s going to look back and you’re either going to be standing on the side that fought for the Constitution and the country, or you’re going to be backing the greatest traitors in world history.

We don’t give a fuck what you think Obama would be doing.

We don’t give a fuck what you think Hillary would be doing.

We don’t give a fuck what you think Bernie would do.


History’s watching.

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