If He Has Nothing To Hide…

Approximately three-quarters of a billion people have commented on the irony, duplicity, and hypocrisy of the Trumpencritter bitching loud and long now about leaks from the intelligence community. Now it’s a disgrace because it’s providing proof of what an incompetent buffoon he is – then it was perfectly alright when he wanted to use the information to manufacture and spread bullshit about Obama.

I would like to point out something similar.

The conservatives are often the loudest proponents of advanced security measures, many of which are put into place on dubious grounds with a serious erosion or destruction of civil rights. Cameras, wire taps, back doors into computer systems, cell phone tracking without a warrant…

“If you’re not doing anything wrong,” they say, “then you won’t have anything to worry about!”

Ditto now for Trump. Regardless of whether or not these intelligence leaks are legal (they’re not) or moral (they’re really, really not), if Trump has done nothing wrong, hasn’t lied to us, and isn’t in fact selling out the entire country in order to bail himself out financially, then he has nothing at all to worry about from intelligence leaks.

Right? Isn’t that the way this works?




Hello? Is this thing on?

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