Last Night In Sweden

At his love fest today, attended by several thousand hand-picked sycophants, Trump mentioned, as an example of terrorism, the incident “last night in Sweden.”

Let’s make this very clear to start:

There was NO incident last night in Sweden.

This is the third imaginary, made-up, 100% fictional, totally bogus, high-grade, industrial sized, complete bullshit “terror incident” that this Administration has pulled out of thin air already.

There was no terror attack in Atlanta.

There was no Bowling Green Massacre.

There was no terror incident in Sweden last night.

Two thoughts:

First, if the President of the United States is convinced that every single news organization on the planet, from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal to MSNBC to NPR to Fox News to Pravda to the BBC to Reuters to the Los Angeles Times are ALL conspiring together to spread “fake news,” and doing it well enough so that they’re all spreading the exact same stories, all designed solely to make him look bad and batshit crazy, then the President of the United States is clinically insane and paranoid and needs to immediately be removed from office under the provisions of the 25th Amendment.

Secondly, if this Administration is this blatently lying openly and often about make believe terror incidents in the past and overseas, how long will it be before they lie about imaginary terror incidents today and in this country, claiming that the vast global conspiracy of the mainstream media (see above) is covering up every single word of it? Further, when they make that lie (and they will), what will stop them from using it as an excuse to start shredding civil liberties or declaring martial law?

That’s the difference between 1939 and 2017. Trump doesn’t need a Reichstag fire. He can make up whatever bullshit story he wants, his psychotic fascist followers will believe every word, and our gutless Congress won’t even bother to try to stop him.

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