A little bit of Twitter surfing today led me to this:

I’m a big fan of the Founding Fathers. They pulled off something that had never been done before, risking everything for an idea that was brand new on the planet. Not only that, but they managed to figure out a new and improved form of government that has stood up for over 200 years. The key was an incredibly strong yet flexible document which codified a structure of checks and balances – the Constitution.

Sometimes it’s almost spooky how words written over two hundred years ago can look like they were written now. Like the quote from James Madison above.

For the clueless who don’t know Madison and think he doesn’t know anything about the Constitution because he disagrees with your ignorance-based beliefs – he’s one of the people who wrote it. I think that gives him a certain privileged opinion on what it means, what it’s for, and how it is intended to work.

One of the words Madison used above was new to me – “peculation.” Hey, we have the technology to solve that!

img_4601“The wrongful appropriation or embezzlement of shared or public property, usually by a person entrusted with the guardianship of that property.” Who does that remind us of?

It’s costing the US taxpayers what, $500,000+ PER DAY to have Trump’s family in his giant NYC phallic symbol instead of the White House with him? How much of that is going directly into Trump’s pocket since the Secret Service is forced to be leasing an entire floor of the building in order to do their job?

Trump has gone to his Florida resort four weekends in a row? Five? All on Air Force One – who pays for that? And just like in NYC, Trump stays at a resort he owns which forces the Secret Service and all of the staff to stay there, forcing the government to pay Trump’s company in order to do their job, as well as getting all of the billionaire sycophants to stay there (and pay, pay, pay!) when they come to kiss his ass and pretend to not despise him.

Pec – u – la – tion.

If the guy who wrote the Constitution thought that it was impeachable, what the hell are we waiting for?

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