Free Fall

One thing that’s amazed me about the Trumpencritter’s campaign and Administration is how there is no bottom to how bat shit crazy he’ll get. There are apparently no limits to what he could or will do and still not lose any support from the sycophants and toadies that fill our Congress.

A year ago in Iowa he told a crowd of rabid supporters,

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

I figured outrageous nonsense like that would sink his campaign, but it just threw gas on the fire.

There were allegations of rape by a dozen or more women – and it meant nothing. There were allegations of a rape of a 13-year old girl – and it meant nothing. He admitted to going into the dressing room at the Miss Universe contest that he ran – and it meant nothing.

There were the infamous “grab them by the pussy” comments. Those weren’t allegations, those were actual recordings. The allegations were that it was just the tip of the iceberg, that the reality was far worse – and it meant nothing.

There were allegations that he owes the Russian oligarchs hundreds of millions of dollars – then he refused to release his tax returns. And no one in the GOP or in the voting booths stopped him.

On and on and on, and now the actions that he’s taken as President prove day after day that he’s only there to pay back and kiss the asses of the people who manipulated the system and cheated to put him there – Wall Street billionaires and the Russian intelligence system headed by Vladimir Putin.

Yesterday he started making the most outrageous accusations yet – all with zero-point-zero-zero evidence, of course. He’s now accusing President Obama of ordering wiretaps on his campaign and his personal calls during the campaign, serious charges which would make Watergate seem like a romp in the park.

Former members of the Obama administration, including members of the intelligence community and the Justice Department, have flat out denied the charges as delusional.

Better yet, now the head of the FBI, the same clown who followed Trump’s orders and released bullshit false reports about Hillary Clinton just a week before the election as part of the Russian campaign to manipulate the outcome, he has now asked the Justice Department to refuse to open the investigation that Trump is demanding.

In effect, the head of the FBI is publicly saying that the President of the United States is a liar and should be ignored by the Justice Department. Period. Dead stop.

From the GOP leadership in Congress?


So we’re still in free fall. We don’t know how bad it will have to get before we hit the bottom. We don’t know how outrageous and psychotic Trump’s lunatic ravings and accusations will have to get before Pence and Ryan pull out the 25th Amendment, or Congress grows a spine and starts impeachment.

But like being in free fall, we’re picking up speed and adding energy to the system. So when we find that point, it’s going to be bad.

Constitutional crisis bad.

Having the Congress telling the Justice Department to go arrest Trump and the White House staff and hoping that they do it bad.

Having the three branches of government all fighting with each other bad, with the press and the military trying to figure out what to do and who’s in charge bad.

While Putin laughs his ass off and the world economy collapses.


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