Death Panels

Interesting, in a sick, perverted, like-you-can’t-look-away-from-watching-the-train-wreck-while-you’re-ON-THE-TRAIN sort of way. After years of hating Obamacare for hundreds of faults which didn’t actually exist but which were just more propaganda bullshit to freak out their simple-minded and gullible followers, it turns out that the Republicans are actually putting those exact, same horrors into GOPcare.

A prime example would be “death panels.” The GOP pranced about shouting “ooga booga!” at every chance, waving their hands in the air to ward off evil spirits, while warning everyone who would listen that Obamacare contained “death panels,” where doctors and nurses would review your case, decide if it was too expensive to keep you alive with the proper medical care, and then just kill you off if your particular prognosis didn’t past muster.

100% bullshit.

Whole cloth.

Smoke and mirrors.

Now we get to see the alternative that they’ve been ever so cleverly crafting for the last eight years. Now they’ll get to show us how they were right all along and everyone would be healthy, happy, and damn near immortal if we had only listened to them from the beginning.

They’re eliminating the mandatory requirement to have insurance, which could actually be helpful to some since the insurance we’ll have left cost a LOT more, be allowed to not accept you to begin with if you have a pre-existing condition, will not be required to cover those frivolous nonsense medical items like prescriptions and pregnancy, and will allow them to cancel you if you do something so audacious as to actually get sick.

This will result in literally millions of Americans going without insurance, either because they can’t afford it or can’t get it at any price.

This will result in literally millions of Americans getting ill because they won’t be able to afford routine checkups and any non-life threatening conditions. Which will in turn lead to more serious conditions for those millions of Americans, which will in turn lead to more preventable deaths from routine, treatable medical conditions.

These deaths will hit the poor and the minorities disproportionately, leaving the death rate high and rising among the lower economic levels of society, while the rich bastards (who can afford the best of everything and never even think about the cost) will stay healthy and get richer and richer and richer, feeding off of those who can least afford to be taken advantage of.

You see, now the GOP’s warnings are coming through. No matter what it takes, they’ll prove themselves to be correct!

There will be a GOP death panel!

It will consist of all GOP United States senators, all GOP members of the House of Representative, the deplorable-in-chief himself, his evil midget sidekicks.

There won’t be any doctors on the GOP death panel at all, unless you count Ben Carson as a doctor. It doesn’t matter what he used to do or be. Who would possibly consider Carson to be any sort of qualified medical professional at all these days?

The next time you’re highly contagious from something quite likely to be fatal and fatal, please go to a GOP Town Hall meeting. Let your Senator or Representative know exactly how badly they are fucking you over to make their rich masters even more rich, while putting you at the top of the Death Panel list because you don’t have a couple hundred thousand dollars to bribe them with donate to their “campaign.”

Please feel free to make yourself heard while coughing directly into their faces.


Then they can be on their own Death Panel watch list!

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