Last night I incorrectly referred to the new health care proposal as “GOPcare.” I apologize for the mistake.

It’s “TrumpCare.”

Surprisingly, the Trumpencritter doesn’t much like that. (This may have a tiny little bit to do with why I like it so much and will spread the word to call it that.) Jim Wright, Master Wordsmith and Common Sense Guru, said it so much better than I’ll ever be able to (and for the record, in case you’re having issues with reality and common sense, I didn’t write it, Jim Wright wrote it, I just shared it on FaceBook and can’t seem to find a URL that points straight to his post, okay?):

He doesn’t like it, doesn’t want his name on it.


We know that he’s terrified of failure or ever being perceived as having anything to do with failure (which is ironic given the number of complete failures he’s had in his career and the fact that the only reason he’s on in debtor’s prison is that the Russian oligarchs have propped him up to the tune of $500MM or more) so maybe he thinks this GOP plan might not be up his standards of success at any cost?

Gee willikers, why might he think that it’s going to fail?

Oh, because he’s going to make sure that it fails and leaves nothing to replace the ACA as it’s repealed, thus LITERALLY¬†killing tens of thousands of Americans – all so he can call “neener, neener!” and “blame” the Democrats for creating something that worked, which he and Ryan and McConnell in turn deliberately sabotaged and fucked up.

This is my surprised face.



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