It’s Called A ‘Coup’

…and not in a good way!

US Attorney Preet Bharara was fired today by the Justice Department, under orders from Trump, after Bharara refused to submit his resignation yesterday at the request of Trump.

Well, you might say, incoming Presidents always put their own people into positions like this. What’s the fuss?

I’m glad you asked!

On Tuesday this week, in a case Bharara was pushing hard on, a court ordered a deposition in a case regarding Russian money laundering.

On Wednesday this week three ethics watchdog groups (Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility, Democracy 21, and the Campaign Legal Center) petitioned Bharara to launch an investigation into Trump’s ridiculously blatant and egregious violation of the Emoluments Clause of the United States Constitution.

On Thursday, Trump tried to contact Bharara directly, in violation of every protocol known for separation of the Executive and Judicial branches. Bharara refused to take the call from the White House and had his staff call their staff to explain to them why this was totally inappropriate.

Back on February 16th Bharara’s office in New York City launched an investigation against Fox News, looking at allegations that executives at Fox violated SEC regulations and was involved in illegal phone hacking against female employees who were charging sexual misconduct  by Fox News executives. Bharara was overseeing that investigation.

On Thursday, some right-wing ranting lunatic went off on a jag about how it was time for Trump to “clean house” in the Justice Department. (Have none of these people ever read the Constitution that they’re so obsessed with “defending,” let alone actually tried to understand how it applies to them too?)

Hours later, forty-six United States attorneys general were ordered to tender their resignations.

Bharara refused. So today he was fired.

So, to recap a few of the high points:

  1. Trump and his evil sycophants have belittled and discredited the US intelligence community
  2. Refused to listen to them as they prefer to get their “intelligence” from Brietbart and Alex Jones and Infowars
  3. Belittled and discredited the US press
  4. Are now refusing to allow the press access to the White House and Administration officials

and when the heat gets to be too much from the multitude of scandals ranging from campaign financing violations to treason, they have fired the people who would be responsible for pressing charges against them.

There’s a word for those kinds of actions. There’s a term for the kind of “leaders” who decimate the Judicial Branch while running roughshod over the spineless Legislative Branch.

Those “leaders” are referred to as “dictators” in the history books. Their actions are referred to as a “coup.”

And if you think this is overreacting, you’ll be known as a “statistic.”

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