I Just Had A Vision

We’ve all seen it, the White House Press Room. It’s not that big and it’s cramped as hell and you’ve got as many reporters and photographers as you can squeeze in there.

Sean Spicer’s up at the podium, practically drowning in the contempt radiating from everyone in the room except for the other Trump toadies and sycophants hovering in the doorways. (Yes, even the Secret Service dudes.)

Sean there pedaling like crazy on his loom, like some mad Rumpelstiltskin trying to spin gold from bullshit. He calls for the next question.

A noted reporter from one of the major networks stand and says, clearly and succinctly, “Sean, why don’t you just admit that you’re lying through your teeth, wouldn’t know an actual fact if one bit you in the ass, and you work for a raving lunatic who isn’t even in the same area code with reality?”

The room breaks into applause, Sean starts to sputter, turn red, points at the reporter,

Related image

and the Secret Service drags the offender out.

As the room calms, Sean pulls himself together, points at a reporter and says, “Next question?”

The next reporter stands and says, “Sean, you cowardly lying sack of shit, are you going to answer that last question?”


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