When the truth, the actual facts, the evidence is finally known – and it will be, these incompetent buffoons can’t run a conspiracy or a covert operation any better than they run the government – we will look back on today and say, “Of course they released the 2005 returns!”

This is speculation. It is not proven and I am not going to lie to you (like some government “leaders” will) about its veracity. But I still think that it’s a sucker bet.

Someday, hopefully someday soon, we’ll see how this Administration spent a great deal of time going through Trump’s tax returns for the last fifteen or twenty years and found the one where he paid the most taxes, where there is the least amount of evidence pointing at the treasonous wrongdoings. Then, instead of releasing the entire tax return, they released the first two pages.

They’ll be out there tomorrow, pounding themselves on the chest, puffed up and peacock proud, because they “released Trump’s tax returns.” Which is exactly as accurate and factual as their claims that they had the biggest inauguration crowd of all time.

Anyone who knows anything about tax returns knows that the devil’s in the details. The first two pages of a Form 1040 are basically the executive summary. The meat, the information we need to see – the schedules that show who Trump borrowed money from, who his investors are, which foreign nationals are his partners – that’s all in the schedules that follow.

None. Of. That. Was. Released.

Trump is a con man. This is his latest attempt to distract, bullshit, and bamboozle.

Someday there will be a courtroom with a whole stack of Trump’s tax returns. All of them. All of the schedules. And if there’s any justice in the world, Trump will be in handcuffs at the defendant’s table, along with Bannon, McConnell, Spicer, Ryan, and the rest of this fascist cabal.

And we’ll know that the first two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax return were the only two pages the whole stack of documents that wasn’t world-class toxic.

Sucker bet.

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