Another Loss For Trump

What a bunch of clowns! I guess we should be grateful – as evil as these assholes are, if they actually knew what they were doing we could be in for some big trouble!

But they’re not.

So Trump’s “revised” Muslim ban was overturned by a court in Hawaii today. Good. Excellent.

Schadenfreude can be found in one of the reasons it got overturned. It’s usually very tough to prove the government’s intent in such a case. But after the first ban was put into place, Trump stooge and chief NYC sycophant Rudi Guliani went on television and told how Trump had asked him how to ban Muslims and make it look legal. Then this week another stooge went on television to say that the intent with the second ban was the same and they were expecting to achieve the same result.

Well – they did achieve the same result. Congratulations! Your xenophobic, racist, bigoted, hateful second ban got overturned exactly like your xenophobic, racist, bigoted, and hateful first ban did!

At least stupidity’s good for something in this case.

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