That Merkel Look

I’m not an idiot. (*waits for comments from the peanut gallery to die down, no matter how accurate they might be*)

I understand that during a day in the company of two world leaders with dozens or hundreds if not thousands of pictures being taken every minute, someone can cherry pick a single frame that shows some facial expression or the other with diametrically opposite moods or public images being displayed.

Trump’s handlers can show him looking regal, Presidential, and imposing. The other 99.999999999% of us can find photos of him looking like a buffoon who’s being castigated and scoffed at by yet another prominent world leader.

Po-TAY-toe, po-taa-toe.

But really, with all of the various pictures of Angela Merkel’s expression of bemused disgust while looking at Trump or talking to him, do we really not think that the whole world is laughing at us? When even lifelong politicians, trained to maintain a poker face and never give away anything, when they can barely contain their disdain, how are we mere mortals expected to?

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