Not Just Idiot Politicians

There are more things to scream and rant and belittle than idiot politicians – so let’s talk about idiots who think some really stupid things are true because they don’t have the common sense god gave a snail.

Anti-vaxxers? Truly some of the world’s great fucking idiots and a danger to us all, but I’ll light into them some other time.

Moon landing hoaxers? You do NOT want me to get started on those fools unless we have a lot of time and alcohol. Another time, perhaps.

Chemtrails? Jesus, were you people dropped on your head repeatedly as babies? Did someone give you a lead pacifier to suck on?

No, today I would like to ask a couple of questions for that latest fad of pop culture – flat Earth believers.

Some NBA player went off on this a week or so ago and now there are more of them coming out of the woodwork. Today there was a big thing (supposedly) from Shaquille O’Neal where he jumped on the bandwagon.

I won’t ask about the dozens of simple experiments that even a second grader can do (ships over the horizon, shadow of the Earth during eclipses, etc) which disprove the flat Earth theory. I’ll let Neil deGrasse Tyson handle them. I just want to know a couple of things about this “obvious” viewpoint of yours.

  1. How do you explain sunrise and sunset?
  2. How do you explain the sun being at different points in the sky over locations spread west to east across the planet?
  3. How do you explain night?
  4. Why is it that the moon is round, the sun is round, even a tiny telescope can show that Mars is round, Venus is round, Jupiter is round, Saturn is round – but we’re flat?

Don’t bother getting into any bizarre and complex mental gymnastics to answer Neil’s challenges. We can debunk the more advanced bullshit that’s filled your head later. First, tackle those four questions.

Show your work. Cite repeatable experimental observations. Prepare to defend your answers.

“I can see it with my own eyes!” is not an answer.

Why? Because it’s so easily disproved, that’s why. For example, you can see yourself in the mirror and think you’re an intelligent, rational human being and that’s obviously not true!

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