Evil MFs On Parade

It’s such a smorgasbord of evil and corruption it’s hard to figure where to even start!

Multiple intelligence agencies are now reporting “non circumstantial” evidence that high members of the Trump campaign were in contact with Russian agents prior to the election. These weren’t just casual calls or placing bets with their Russian bookies. They were handing over information and giving instructions TO THE FUCKING RUSSIANS on how to torpedo the Clinton campaign.

Trump keeps repeating the disproved lie that Obama had him wiretapped. Instead, reality seems to be showing that our intelligence agencies were legally wiretapping Russian agents and were surprised to find that Trump advisers and high-level campaign managers were talking to these bad guys.

When this shit started to hit the fan, today the head of the House intelligence committee, instead of protecting this sensitive and critical information, went straight to the White House and gave them the inside information. This is the #1 guy who’s supposed to be investigating and prosecuting those in the government who are breaking the law. Instead, he went and gave them a huge heads-up about what the evidence against them was.

As a side note, if the local DA has a huge, huge case, say, against a group accused of ISIS ties and terrorist intent, and before they can be charged or arrested he goes running to them and tells them what’s going on, what would they call that? If it’s a national security matter, I think the term is “high treason.” What does the Constitution say about that?

Remember the Constitution?

This is a song about the Constitution…

But while that’s happening, the only marginally evil bastard that President Bannon and his Trumpuppet put up for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, is being voted on later this week. But today the Supreme Court overturned a case which was based on one of his rulings, regarding¬†educational requirements for special needs students. The decision was unanimous, 8-0, which means that even Clarence Thomas, Satan’s sidekick himself, thinks that Gorsuch was wrong.

When Thomas thinks your legal opinions are full of shit and votes for a more liberal and humane interpretation, you must really be a piece of work!

But all of this might not even be the best of it. They’re supposed to vote on the new, Republican-proposed “American Health Care Act.” It’s called that despite the fact that it’s un-American as hell, will destroy people’s health, doesn’t care about anyone at all except billionaires, and only acts like it’s not going to fuck over everyone who makes less than $500,000 a year.

But the hard-right Republicans are voting against it – BECAUSE IT’S NOT EVIL AND DAMAGING ENOUGH. They’re out there right now negotiating to add in provisions that make it even more painful for 99% of Americans.

Let’s cut straight to the chase:

How bad will it have to get before we start: A) Removing them from office, and; B) Putting their asses in jail for treason, bribery, obstruction of justice, racketeering, and probably a hundred other crimes that will come out in the wash if we ever stop ignoring this mess we’ve gotten ourselves dragged into?

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