A Radical New Concept For The GOP

As we watch the GOP and the Tea Party argue over how to best control the monster that they created and put into the White House, I have a radical new concept to propose for anyone remaining in the GOP with two brain cells to rub together and the common sense God gave a kitten.

Yes, I’m assuming that there must be at least one. You have to start somewhere.

So here it is – instead of fighting and destroying the country over whether or not you want to take away insurance from 24,000,000 Americans or whether or not to take insurance away from 30,000,000 Americans, how about you start fighting over whether you want to give insurance to 24,000,000 more Americans, or only to 2,400,000 Americans.

In other words, stop trying to see who can cause more pain and hurt more Americans and be the biggest flaming asshole.

We get it! You’re all deep in the pockets of corporate America and the 0.1% and the billionaires and the Russian oligarchs and they yell “shit!” and you squat and ask, “What color?” We’ll give you full credit for that!

Maybe that’s not a good thing? Maybe, sort of like Darth Vader at the end when the Emperor is trying to kill Luke, maybe deep down inside there’s still a tiny little spark of “good” that remembers the other 99.9% of Americans that they’re actually supposed to be helping?


Remember “good”?


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