Another Worst Part – March 29th

There are many things that appear to be “the worst part” of having the Trumpencritter as SCROTUS, and there’s no doubt they all are, but today’s worst thing is how having this ignorant turd in office along with his motley crew of fanatical sycophants all trying as hard as possible to drag our country back to the 50’s (that would be the 1650’s) just leaves you constantly on edge, worn out, and twitchy.

That in turn makes it that much harder to endure a really shitty day when one rolls around. Instead of just being another really shitty day with lots of stress and pressure, everything is that much more frantic, that much more high pressure, that much more grating and intense.

Even when the really shitty day passes, you still have that constant background buzz of terrified anticipation, wondering when the next outrage will get triggered by some attack on the very bases of our government. You can go weeks without a day of rest.

Thanks, Trump!

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