Immunity My Ass!

So Michael Flynn “has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit.” (Emphasis added.)

Those “circumstances” would involve immunity from prosecution since he’s decided to be the first rat deserting this sinking ship. Rather than have the integrity and spine to take responsibility for his actions, he’s going to save his own pathetic hide and tell us who else in the Trump Administration was committing treason.

What a guy!

Do you remember during the campaign when he stood up there at the podium screaming “Lock her up!” at the top of his lungs?

Do you remember when he went on Faux News and said that anyone asking for immunity must almost certainly be guilty of a crime?

Except for when it’s your pink, puckered ass that’s headed toward Leavenworth, apparently. Different rules then!

Anyone want to be that after proving he has even less integrity than he has actual patriotism or intelligence, he ends up making a million dollars a year as a Faux News “expert” or “consultant”?

I know – sucker bet.

I hope they hold a cell open for him at Leavenworth, just in case.

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