A Question For The Hive Mind

A technical question today for those of you who use Twitter and might be more knowledgeable than I am about it (assuming that anyone is actually reading this site):

When dealing with assholes and ignorant, racist Luddites, I’ve always “blocked” their accounts. My understanding is this means that when they try to send me anything or read anything of mine on Twitter, they get a message that says they can’t do that because I’ve blocked them.

Many people instead “mute” the assholes and slimeballs. This means that they themselves simply never see anything posted by the person being muted.

When I’ve asked why muting is favored so much over blocking, I’m told it’s because it’s fun to envision the deplorable morons screaming and ranting and attacking, but never getting a response – because you don’t know that they’re screaming, ranting, and attacking. This is good (??) because they think they’re being ignored and get even more angry and frustrated, while you don’t even have to go to the effort of ignoring them or potentially getting pissed off enough to engage with their screeds.

Really? Maybe I’m more confrontational, but if I’ve got someone who’s targeting me and being a screaming, flaming asshole, I want them to get a message that they’re blocked every time they try to scream at me. I want to rub it in their face.

Am I missing something here?

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