We Can Play This Game Too

So Bannon’s been booted from the National Security Council, eh? Replaced with all of those stupid generals and intelligence agency heads who he had downgraded in his Day One power grab.

Was it because SCROTUS wised up to how he was being manipulated by this evil bastard? Hardly. Bannon had been pulling Trump’s strings and kissing his ass for many months and Trump’s too fucking stupid and blinded by his own ego to see WW3 rushing at us.

So what was Bannon’s Achilles heel? Could it possibly have been Twitter?

Bannon had manipulated His Cheetoness by telling him exactly what he wanted to hear, regardless of what the truth might be. Since when did the truth ever matter to that useless sack of shit?

But the useless sack of shit is addicted to adulation and feeding that ego, and Twitter is one of the main channels for getting his fix a dozen times a day. Reports are that the Trumpencritter finally noticed a couple hundred mentions of “President Bannon.”

We can’t have that! No matter that it might be the most truthful and accurate thing that Trump had read in decades, anything that keeps the spotlight from shining on that spray tanned visage of ineptitude has to be removed.

So maybe we’re getting the hang of manipulating this ignoramus ourselves. Maybe?

Here’s a suggestion for a story for us to get portrayed prominently on Faux News and Breitbart, just where Donny Boy will see it and believe it:

There’s a comet coming and there’s an alien spaceship hiding behind it, ready to take the true believers along with them. If you leave your body the aliens can take you with them as they pass by. Get some Nike sneakers, a $5 bill, dark clothing, a purple shroud, some applesauce…

Go ahead – Make America Great Again.

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