Mad Men – April 6th

Another whirlwind day at work, being pulled a dozen ways at once, impossible deadlines, one brush fire after another to put out. Lots of stress, trying to “maintain an even strain,” trying to continue to be professional and polite, trying to remember to keep a sense of humor. Trying not to be an asshole.

Then the phone beeps with a news flash.

The stupid fuckers in the Senate invoked the “nuclear option.” With a few parliamentary procedural moves, all of a sudden over 200 years of rules and protocols are swept aside and it no longer takes 60 senators to approve a Supreme Court justice, just a simple majority.

There was a reason that rule existed, but these partisan pinheads don’t give a fuck about the country, the Constitution, or the people who live here. They care only about their corporate overlords, the rabid right-wing hordes who they live in constant terror of, and keeping their cushy, well-paying jobs.

Principles? Morals? Conscience? What fucking planet are you from?

So it’s back to the grind, trying harder to not be an asshole even though I’m now in a really bad mood because my country has been taken over by the marching moron hordes and their evil puppet politicians.

The the phone beeps with a news flash.

SCROTUS, concerned that foreign powers might not have sufficient respect for the size, length, and girth of his legendary penis, has ordered a missile strike on Syria “in retaliation” for the gas attack that killed over 100 civilians three days ago.

Did we blow up any of the chemical plants that were making this deadly and horrific weapon of mass destruction? Nope.

Did we blow up any of the planes that the Syrian air force was using to slaughter their own women and children? Nope.

Did we do anything to cripple or damage the Assad regime, run by a mass murderering dictator? Nope.

Did we do anything to get rid of Assad himself, to get him out of power so perhaps saner heads could try to save what’s left of their country? Nope.

Okay, but surely we changed our minds about that travel ban that keeps those Syrian women and children from coming to our country while fleeing the tyrannical madman that’s butchering them! Right?

I’ll repeat. What fucking planet are you from?

And we all try to keep calm and maintain an even strain and not be assholes to our fellow passengers in this ship of fools as the mad men in Washington shred the Constitution and lead us into yet another war that will cost thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of foreign lives and cause more generations to hate us and want to destroy us but it won’t matter because the evil fuckers in charge are guiding us toward the apocalypse and laughing the whole time.

But don’t act like an asshole. Be professional.

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