It’s Not Just The Politicians

Rampant stupidity, the death of common sense, and a complete lack of any rational perspective seem to be everywhere these days, not just in the hallowed halls of government.

Go figure, right?

You’ve all seen the videos from the United flight to Louisville. A few questions:

  1. Do you people really, REALLY not know that everyone from age five up all have cell phones and the cell phones have cameras and video built in?
  2. Do you really, REALLY think you can drag someone off of a plane without a dozen people recording it and having it up on the internet before you can blink?
  3. Was this worth it to enforce an obscure corporate policy?
  4. Were there absolutely no other, possibly smarter, solutions?

Tonight on FaceBook I posted:

Hey United Airlines, if you have the moral high ground here as Oscar seems to believe (seriously, duuuude!) then offer 100% refunds, no questions asked, for anyone who has already bought a ticket for one of your flights & now regrets it and would prefer to drive, take any other airline, or not go.

Show me how wrong I am.

Anyone want to take a bet on if they’ll take me up on it?

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