Hypocrisy Defined

What is the “Trump Doctrine?” From every bullshit word that comes out of his mouth and every irrational act that comes from his orders, the Trump Doctrine is defined in one word – hypocrisy.

He’ll definitely go down in the history books, if for no other reason than having his picture in the dictionary next to the definition of the word.

From October 23, 2014, when there was a black man in the White House:

From today, when he’s exhausted (despite his overwhelming reservoirs of “stamina,” which of course Hillary was so lacking in) from those three or four days this week when he worked a whole five or six hours:

If you’re a Trump apologist and you want to argue that “this is different” – please shut the fuck up, go play in traffic, and for God’s sake don’t reproduce! The world is already over its quota on morons.

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