Faux Outrage

SCROTUS has an interview with one of the most respected journalists in television today and he spends it insulting his guest, his guest’s show, his guest’s network, and his guest’s industry. In ridiculing the press, he is displaying a classic tactic of dictators throughout history, attempting to discredit the watchdogs of society who are most likely to alert the citizenry to the dangers of his reign.

Does he think he’s being cute? Does he think he’s being funny? No, I suspect he’s just a flaming asshole, enjoys being a flaming asshole, and even takes pride in being a flaming asshole.

Then when our journalist ignores the insults and jibberish and tries to ask actual serious questions, SCROTUS ends the interview abruptly and walks out. Why? BECAUSE HE’S A FUCKING COWARD, that’s why.

Then last night, Stephen Colbert took SCROTUS to task on his late night show. Colbert, who is a comedian and a very well paid one because he has a very successful comedy and variety show, told jokes that made fun of SCROTUS and called him bad names.

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are up in arms and demanding that CBS fire Colbert. Interesting… Remind me again how absolutely none of the conservative talk show hosts ever made a single insulting or mean spirited remark about Obama.

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are demanding that we boycott CBS. Interesting… Remind me how well it went over when they demanded a boycott of “Beauty & The Beast” because of the gay character, or the boycott of “Hamilton” because the audience booed Pence, or the boycott of Starbucks because…

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are screaming that you can’t say those kinds of things about the President. Interesting… Are they forgetting that one of their Asshole-In-Chief’s biggest campaign promises was to do away with political correctness? Or is it just that they’re only doing away with political correctness when they’re the ones being rude?

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are upset because one of the jokes involved a bleeped reference to a blow job. Interesting… Do they truly not realize that their VP is so homophobic that he attempted while governor of Indiana to push through legislation which would have made it legal to electrocute gay teens and torture them until they “healed” into straight people?

Today all of the tough talking conservatives are claiming that Colbert’s bit demeaned and diminished the office of the Presidency. Interesting… Will they ever be self-aware enough to realize that electing an ignorant, lying, racist sex offender already demeaned and diminished the Presidency more than anything a comedian will ever conceivably be able to do?

We all know the answers to those questions. I look forward to seeing Colbert’s late night ratings soaring to epic new heights in the next week or two.

As they should.

All of that faux outrage will go so well along with the faux patriotism, faux religion, and faux intelligence that they’re up to their eyebrows in.

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